Non-profit Consulting

Consilat helps the non-profits to achieve automation in their tasks and create a more focused organization. We work to offer bespoke solutions with the Salesforce to map the needs of a Non-Profit and utilize the best of Salesforce. We have worked with many non-profits globally and our projects include from Salesforce CRM strategy to Salesforce NPSP implementations to Non Profit Salesforce Migration. With the years of experience Consilat has gained an edge over the Non Profit Salesforce implementation and has provided the best available options to its clients.


Salesforce NPSP- a Non Profit CRM

Salesforce considered as #1 CRM but it is not limited for the corporates and businesses, Salesforce CRM is also as good for the Non-profit as it is for others.  Salesforce Non-Profit Success Pack formerly called Non-profit Starter Pack can be found on AppExchange as a managed package. Salesforce NPSP allows a non-profit to manage their processes and as a organization you can easily manage :


Contacts/households, organization accounts and affiliations


Track relationships between contacts, donations and recurring donations


Donation or Payments and grant life cycles

As mentioned above the Salesforce NPSP supports and is designed to track donors, donations, and grants if any for any organization and provide a standardised management of these business processes for any Non Profit and give them an ease of managing and maintaining external systems or in some cases manual effort. The analytics offered with Salesforce solution is unbeatable and the offer powerful reporting and dashboard capabilities, so a Non Profit can focus on the cause they are working on and keep an eye on the rest of things happening with a single click.

Salesforce & NPSP helps in creating a 360-degree view for an organization with track of all its activities, and with NPSP it is more easier to manage every step automatically with the  automated tasks and reminders. Fundraising and contact management being an integral part of any Non-profit’s working are fully considered and supported in the NPSP and it can act as the centre of command for all the related operations. Salesforce allows for a full view of a donor or relationship and saves the effort & time of communicating with staff about their progress and status on each account or member foundations etc. This is easily trackable via Salesforce tasks, phone calls, emails activities and this helps in understanding what has been done and also planning what can be done for future.


At Consilat we help organizations of all sizes and levels working on one cause or supporting many and with Salesforce NPSP, it provides a platform to support fundraising for all and management of any volume of donors & donations. With our expertise and capabilities of Salesforce, it provides an easy to use & configure system for an organization and helps save time & money on the other systems.