Logi Analytics

Dashboards and reports are core to delivering information and analytics understanding across the enterprise solutions. Logi enables both technology professionals and business users to create, interact with, and share a wide range of data visualisations, dashboards, and reports. Logi is a web-based BI (Business Intelligence) reporting and analytical tool which provide developers to create customised, web-based dashboards and reporting applications. Logi comes with pre-built elements and super elements that deliver application-style end-user capabilities. Logi Info provides the intuitive and governed self-service capabilities businesses demand.

Users can select data sources, create dashboards and reports, and share what they’ve created with colleagues. So, business users can create and share their own visualisations, dashboards and reports from managed data. It is a business analytics platform for rapidly creating analytic applications, deploying dashboards and reports, delivering managed self-service analytics to business users, and embedding analytics into the applications workers use every day.