Salesforce Winter’ 19 Updates Cont.

Collaborate with Ease with List View Sharing

Take collaboration to the next level by sharing your list views with user groups in your org. A feature that was already available in the Salesforce Classic has now made its way to Lightning also.

You can now share your customized List Views not just to yourself, but to the whole world. You can now share list views to groups and/or roles.

You need the Manage Public List Views permission, to share public list views. To share the custom list views, you need the Create and Customize List Views permission. By selecting Sharing Settings from the List View Controls menu, you can share your list views and from there, you can search through the roles in your org to find the groups you want to share your list view with.

List View Search Bar

Another small but very powerful feature that was introduced by Salesforce in Winter ’19 is that it has provided a List View Search Bar next to List View Controls in Lightning.

It is so powerful that it not only searches the data on the basis of the fields that are visible in the List View, but also, it return records on the basis of the fields that are not visible in the List View.

It is pretty similar to the search bar that is present on top of every Salesforce page that searches for the record across the org in every object, except, that it display the searched records pertaining to a specific object only.


One more interesting functionality that is added in this Winter ’19 release mainly focuses on a Sales user. The feature allows the Salesforce user to determine “Whether Customers have Opened Email from Your Company” or not. The tracking information is visible in the activity timeline.

Or, if you want more precise information about the email activity, you can add the First Opened and Last Opened fields to your email page layouts to see the information there, too.

The updates appear to be pretty small in nature but their offerings are pretty big as it saves a lot of time for the end users.

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