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At Consilat, we believe in planning big while starting small, and to this end we are rapidly moving towards being the most sought after consulting company for cloud services. Our suite of products and services is planned and designed with our clients in mind and range from business solutions, customer management, tracking and collaborating.
Business intelligence is at the core of our structure and we believe that every business deserves to achieve its fullest potential. Our services such as Salesforce caters to individual business needs while integrating the most trending technologies. Additionally, our UI/UX designs aid in better presentation of each company’s core values in a way that reaches out to customers and helps in continuous collaborative innovation


At the core of everything Consilat stands for, is you – the user. With this in mind, our entire suite of products and services caters towards enhanced user experience that encompasses all aspects of your interaction with services, products and the company in itself. User experience design, better known as UXD, UED or XD, aims at improving the ease with which you use different interfaces and gives you greater accessibility and comfort while using each product.
The Consilat team, with our in-depth knowledge and experience in delivering what users want, aims at going beyond traditional computer interaction and reaches out to provide services that people take pleasure in using. We believe in giving you what you need, without the hassle of you having to explain your requirements to us a million times or facing needless frustration with results that just don’t satisfy you.
We keep our solutions simple and elegant so that you can enjoy them better. After all, true user experience lies not just in delivering a checklist of features, but rather, a product or service that you delight in owning and using. Apart from working with you on designs that are designed to please, we also merge the services of several disciplines and open up to you a world of like-minded industries so that your company’s growth breaks all boundaries.